Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast – HD CUSTOM MAPS


a-mountain Textures

b-mountain Textures

c-mountain Textures

BespinChristmas Textures

CountryAcademy Textures

CS Dust2 Textures

CTF Forest Textures

CTF Glide Textures

CTF Ruins Textures

CTF Rumble Textures

CTF Tribute Textures

CTF Tumble Textures

Expedition Textures

Exploration2 Textures

FFA CarbonFreeze2 Textures

FFA CloudShark Textures

FFA Country2 Textures

FFA Helms Deep Textures

FFA NabooCity1 Textures

FFA TheHangoutv2 Textures

FFA TMBJ Textures

FFA WoV2 Textures

FFA Episode1 Textures

Forest House Textures

Grand Apathy Textures

Hexes Ghetto Textures

IM Academy Textures

JC Duel Temple Textures

Matrix Reloaded Textures

MechTemple Textures

OldWestv2 Textures

ProArenaV13 Textures

Tatooine Outpost 2_0 Textures

XYZ Textures

y-mountain Textures


The files you download do NOT contain the map files, so you’ll need the real maps to play the game. These are just textures overwriting the old ones. If you downloaded the custom maps via JK2MV that you want my textures to overwrite, remove any ‘dl_ or z_’ prefixes from the real maps in case my textures don’t work.
19.11.2019: New textures uploaded (cs_dust2, hexes_ghetto, imacademy_final) 
30.09.2019: Initial upload of current available edits