Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast – SP/MP HD Texture Pack v1.5

Download HD+BLOOD

Download HD NO BLOOD


v1.5 / 04.12.2019: Improved basejk menu-backgrounds, improved basejk unknownmap texture, removed custom backgrounds because we want it the basejk style
v1.4 / 04.12.2019: Improved Saberlines and Blurs, improved Saber-Burnmarks 
v1.3 / 28.09.2019: Minor fixes for some icons 
v1.2 / 17.09.2019: Fix of corrupted texture on impdetention / ffa_ns_streets 
v1.1 / 13.09.2019: Fix of corrupted texture on cairn_assembly (Reported by Kameleon) 
v1.0 / 22.08.2019: Release of all improved base JKII:JO SP/MP textures

CAUTION: Due to increased filesizes and altered compression methods, this MAY not work with JK2MP.exe, I recommend you to use JK2MV instead or delete it from your base folder to use the original JK2MP.exe again.